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Nancy Froelich, CPA & Certified QuickBooks Consultant

How We Help Clients

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • BANK BALANCES – Incorrect based on bank statement
  • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Shows bills unpaid when they were actually paid
  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Customers call saying they have paid their invoices, when your books show they have an outstanding balance
  • BALANCE SHEET – Shows incorrect or old balances in loans and fixed assets
  • YEAR END ADJUSTMENTS – Your CPA gives you end of the year adjustments, and no one knows how to record them
  • IRS charges you penalties and you don’t know why
  • REPORTS – QuickBooks does not show the information you really want and need to run your business
  • Your bookkeeper spends more time than necessary to do your bookkeeping, and you don’t know why
  • You constantly are frustrated when it comes to the bookkeeping of your business and you just want someone else to handle it


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