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QuickBooks Tips

Find Feature:

Have you ever been looking for a transaction and knew the amount, but didn’t know how to find it? Simply go to the ‘EDIT’ menu, and choose ‘FIND’. Then choose ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Amount’ . Put in the ’equal to’ box the amount you are looking for. Then hit ‘Find’, and all the transactions with that amount will appear. You can also filter these results by date.

Customer Balances Incorrect?

One of the best ways to find errors in customer accounts is to look at the A/R Aging Summary. (This is a Customers and Receivables Report.) Look for any negative items in the report and double click on these. Then double click on the payments for these customers. Oftentimes, the payment has not been applied to the invoice. Check off the invoice that the payment covers, and Save. This will often correct the problem.

Bank Reconciliations – Beginning Balance Wrong:

Have you ever started to reconcile the current bank statement, but noticed that the beginning balance changed from the prior month? Try looking at the bottom for the Discrepancy Report. Run this and the report will show any transactions which have been changed since you reconciled the previous month’s bank statement. Oftentimes an entry was changed or deleted that had been previously reconciled. You will have to reenter the entry, and then check off the entry in the register showing that it was reconciled earlier. The beginning balance now plus or minus this newly entered transaction, should equal the correct beginning balance. Now your statement should reconcile.


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